Map of Old Bellamy Cave System as of May 2005 and also shows nearby Hornsby Springs and Mill Creek Sink. The entire system is over 50,000 feet, but it is not all connected at this time. Hurricanes and rain over the past year means the Santa Fe is flowing strong and the system is mostly tannic water, so visibility is measured in inches or a few feet at best.

Exploration and survey by: Cindy Butler, Al Heck, Brett Hemphill, Woody Jasper, John Moseley Jerry Murphy, Mike Poucher, Sandra Poucher, Jason Richards, Brian Williams, and Alex Warren.

Support: Tony Hyatt, Tom Morris, Beth Murphy, Bruce Ryan, Lee Emerson, Skip MacElhannon, John Schuchmann, Eric Deister, and Walter Pickel.

source: cavesurvey.com

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